Website Enhancements Coming Soon to - Beginning November 12, 2022

In order to support the continued growth of as the premier mineral auction destination, we will be making some enhancements to our user experience beginning on November 12, 2022. In order to make this transition smooth for all of our customers, we've put together a brief summary of the various updates coming soon for your review below.


For many years, the minimum/incremental bids have remained the same. As continues to evolve, we've recognized the need for additional tiers of minimum bids. We will be adding three additional minimum bid tiers to our existing cutoffs in order to help limit lengthy extended bidding on higher value items. There are no changes to minimum bid amounts on items $5000 and under, and we will continue to have NO HAMMER FEES for our customers.

The new minimum/incremental bids will be:

$5 for bids of $10 to $50
$10 for bids of $51 to $500
$25 for bids of $501 to $1000
$50 for bids of $1001 to $5000
$100 for bids of $5001 to $10,000
$250 for bids of $10,001 to $25,000
$500 for bids of $25,001 or more


Last year, we changed all bidder names to default to 'Private Bidder' on the public website in order to protect the identity of our bidders and bring us in line with other major auction houses. At that time, we allowed bidders to change this setting to display their username if they preferred, however only a handful of users across our entire customer base chose to do so. Since the vast majority of bidders display as 'Private Bidder' on the website, we have opted to remove the bidder name field from the website entirely. We realize that this may raise some questions about tracking what items you are a high bidder on, so we are implementing a few enhancements to our interface to better highlight when you are the high bidder or have been outbid.

For listings where you are the high bidder, the item will appear with a green border around it in browse view as well as have a green text box stating that you are currently the high bidder. On the specimen page, there will be an additional green text box in the bidding section to also indicate this. 

Alternatively, for listings where you have been outbid, the items will have red borders in browse view and red text boxes indicating that you have been outbid on both the browse view and the item pages. 

Of course, you will still receive email bid notifications in the event you are outbid, as you do today. This is only a visual change on the website.


With the removal of bidder names and to provide additional flexibility for listings to show additional data as necessary, we've added two new fields for mass/weight and ex collection. These details will display at the top of the listing, along with the title, locality, and dimensions.

Mass/Weight: This field will primarily be used for cut gemstones to detail carat weight. Weight when applicable will be listed after the item dimensions, separated by a comma. For example: 2.5 x 1.4 x 1.3cm, 45g

Ex Collection: This field will more prominently display ex collection information to feature relevant provenance in a more organized manner. 


In order to make navigating to a specific auction more intuitive and user-friendly, we will be implementing two small changes:

Auction Gallery - Under 'Auctions' in the header navigation, you will now be able to view current auctions as a gallery view and look at each auction individually. Navigating to specific auctions in this way will isolate a specific auction and provide additional background information and a description of the auction in the header. These auction descriptions often contain valuable contextual information, especially for special auctions or 'ex collection' auction sets.

Auction Filter Titles - On the left-side filter menu, we will replace the currently displayed lot numbers with the auction names. This will make filtering a specific auction much more intuitive as customers can now easily determine which auction is which and check or uncheck auctions based on what they would like to view.


As of now, we currently have records available for customers to view their entire bid history on their dashboard under the 'Bidding History' tab. However, we realized that many customers may want to easily see a list of items that they won without sifting through many pages of bids, which can be especially frustrating for many of our long-time customers! We are adding a new filter to show winning bids only to this page to make finding this information quick and easy for our customers. 


Shipping: With many of the COVID-related shipping difficulties resolved, we have revised our shipping details to reflect our current shipping policies. This revised shipping information is currently live and in use. Click here to view.

Contact: We will now have a contact form that will route your message to the relevant party based on the subject you select. This form will be located on the shipping and payment information page at the bottom. Please make sure you select the correct subject when sending your message and allow 1-2 business days for a response.

About Us: We've updated our About Us section.