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A great selection this week with plenty of attractive, good quality, rare and unusual specimens.  Look for new discoveries that we picked up at recent shows or direct from the source, plus we have plenty of pieces from the newly acquired Gary Weaver collection along with a newly purchased prominent worldwide collection from the Midwest, plus dealers' inventories, and plenty from Kay Robertson!  You might even find the occasional fossil, lapidary or gem item from time to time.   Look here for the not so typical mineral specimens along with plenty of your favorites.  We don't just offer the "standard 20 species", but an eclectic mix of specimens that appeal to everybody!
Some of the highlights from this week’s auction include:
1. GEM quality AZURITE crystals from Milpillas, Mexico
2. Excellent multi-color "phantom" FLUORITE crystals from La Viesca, Spain
3. New find of beautiful fine quality PREHNITE crystals from Merelani, Tanzania
4. Gemmy RHODOCHROSITE crystal from 1978 from the Sweet Home Mine
5. Superb quality CELESTINE crystal group from Minerva #1 Mine, Illinois
6. Rare PURPLE GEM QUALITY ALBITE crystals from Pakistan
8. Plenty of cool US and European minerals and various rarities from the collection of Kay Robertson

This week's pre-TUCSON Show auction features great selection of minerals including classic species / localities along with gem crystals, contemporary beauties and rare minerals from around the world.   Look for pieces from important collections that include things seldom seen for sale on a  retail market! We dove back into the classics collections we have purchased over the years for some fresh choices for you !
Highlights this week include:

1. Large gem HALITE from Poland



3. Ross Lillie Collection specimens


4. Exotic CUPRIAN SMITHSONITE from Tsumeb


5. Classic large old-time COPPER skull


6. Sapo Mine APATITE w/ TOURMALINE - rare style

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