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Sapphire viewBack to $50 RESERVE GEMSTONE AUCTION - Ends SATURDAY November 24th, 2018

Tunduru, Tanzania
  • Starting Time:11/15/2018 07:00:00 PM(CST)
  • Ending Time:11/24/2018 07:00:00 PM(CST)
  • Time Left:Auction Is Closed

  • Size:0.14 ct
  • Size Description:2.98 mm

Description:Sapphires is one of those gems that comes in virtually every color of the rainbow. Sapphires are some of the most popular, durable, colorful and highly sought after gems on the planet. The Tunduru District of Tanzania has produced some of the most impressive and colorful Sapphire gems extant. I have seen Sapphires of every color of the rainbow from Tunduru, and this stone is a great example of said material. This stone has an intense orange-red color (very close to being a Ruby) and according to some, could be classified as a "Padparadscha" Sapphire. Now, the stone has been treated to enhance the color, and this is a very common practice when it comes to Sapphires, but you do not see many this color. The stone is nearly eye clean and has a "Quantum Round" cut. This stone would make a great addition to any suite of Sapphire gems, especially if you've been looking for that perfect color gem to fill a spot in your collection to show the great range of color for Sapphire.

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