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Danburite viewBack to SPECIAL MINERAL AUCTION - $249 RESERVE LIQUIDATION SPECIMENS - ends Thursday, January 10, 2019

Charcas, Mun. de Charcas, San Luis Potosí, Mexico
  • Starting Time:1/3/2019 06:45:00 PM(CST)
  • Ending Time:1/10/2019 06:45:00 PM(CST)
  • Time Left:Auction Is Closed

  • Start Bid:$249
  • Reserve Bid:$249
  • Current Bid:$343
  • Size:Small Cabinet
  • Size Description:7.2 x 2.7 x 2.2 cm

Description:Gemmy Danburites are a Charcas and Mexican classic. This specimen is quite glassy, well-formed, beautifully striated with a textbook, chisel termination and a pale pink color. The crystal is essentially pristine save the base where it was removed from the pocket wall. Really good quality and size for the species and the locality. The top most portion of the crystal is incredibly gemmy, and it's a superior example of what have to be the finest crystallized Danburites in the world! Valued at $750.

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Current Bids

Amount Time Date Bidder
$343 03:40 1/10/2019 davem2
$290 01:52 1/10/2019 tubman
$260 06:49 1/9/2019 davem2
$249 08:30 1/8/2019 cotter4