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Calcite with iridescent Chalcopyrite coating viewBack to SPECIAL MINERAL AUCTION - $499 RESERVE LIQUIDATION SPECIMENS - ends TUESDAY, February 19, 2019

Baisha Copper Mine, Huangshi, Hubei Province, China
  • Starting Time:2/7/2019 06:30:00 PM(CST)
  • Ending Time:2/19/2019 06:30:00 PM(CST)
  • Time Left:Auction Is Closed

  • Start Bid:$499
  • Reserve Bid:$499
  • Current Bid:$626
  • Size:Small Cabinet
  • Size Description:7.3 x 5.3 x 3.7 cm

Description:What a gorgeosu display specimen of these limited specimens from China. Originally the locality information we were given was that they came from the Baisha Copper Mine, but it's possible that they are from the Daye Mine. Gorgeous sparkling, multi-colored, iridescent (gold, yellow, blue, purple green and pink) crystals of Chalcopyrite cover sharp, well-formed, "dogtooth"-habit scalenohedral Calcite crystals on minor matrix. The largest Calcite on the front / display side of the piece measures 2.4 cm. Very good quality overall and incredibly rare on the market. These specimens came out over 10 years ago (circa 2007) and certainly are a must have for any collector of Chinese minerals or worldwide Calcites. Valued at $1,800 in the inventory. The piece comes with a FREE custom lucite base for easy display!

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Current Bids

Amount Time Date Bidder
$626 06:09 2/19/2019 markg100
$601 04:57 2/19/2019 apalafoxy
$571 03:42 2/19/2019 markg100
$499 03:14 2/19/2019 apalafoxy