Aragonite (2 generations) w/ Sulfur (old classic)

Agrigento Province, Sicily, Italy
17.0 x 15.1 x 9.1 cm
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Item Description

A dramatic and sculptural large old-time sulfur on aragonite specimen from the famous mines of Agrigento. The impresssive mounded 360-degree specimen of first generation knobby, sparkly brown sugar-like aragonite is fantastically sprinkled with stalactites and helectites of contrasting second generation sugary off-white aragonite. Bright canary-yellow sulfur crystals are preferentially set on one side of this amazing specimen adding much color and pizzazz. The striking sharp and pristine sulfur is 2.5 cm. Some bruising is noted, but is certainly acceptable in the context of the large exceptional older specimen. Classic and most imposing old-time combination material from an East Coast collection. Creamy to white to pink aragonite fluorescence.