Aragonite / Strontianite ("Perumar")

23.60 ct, 21.60 mm x 21.60 mm
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End Time: 01/31/2019 7:00:00 pm (CST)
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Item Description

From a new discovery in 2017 in Peru. We've been told that this material is a mixture of Aragonite and Strontianite and the locals are marketing it as "Perumar" as it shows a very similar appearance to the banded / swirling blue and white "Larimar" (Pectolite) gems from the Domincan Republic. This find seemed to be very limited, as we were only able to get our hands on a small parcel of stones in Tucson a few months ago, and we're hoping that more come out, but for now few are available. This "Parallelogram Cabochon" cut gem shows gentle flowing bands of alternating white and blue hues, but when the stone is backlit, it glows with color showing beautiful golden and yellow tones in areas. This is a good stone for the material as it shows strong defined banding. Many of the stones we rejected shows poor patterning with a "dull" or "muddled" appearance. It's somewhat suitable for jewelry (probably best set into a pendant), and would make a great addition to your gem collection as it's fresh out of the ground and almost nobody else has it.

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