Gems, 1.56 ct, 7.95 mm x 6.10 mm
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Item Description

Barite is not often seen in faceted gems due to the fact that the material is soft, brittle, and cleaves very easily. This stone is one of the better Barites I've seen from China because it is a bright stone, and it is not at all dull or grey. The stone is only very very slightly included, and looks better in person than the photos indicate. The saturated golden color along with the "Oval Brilliant" cut, plus the fact that the stone is well over one carat in weight, makes it a true collector's gem. Please note that the stone does have a slight bicolor appearance, as it is almost colorless near one of the edges. These stones are not seen very often in today's market, and faceted Barite itself is difficult to find from any locality.