Diamond (3 crystal set)

Miba Mine, Mbuji Mayi, Kasaï-Oriental, Democratic Republic of Congo 
Thumbnail, 0.3 x 0.3 x 0.3 cm (approx each), 1.05 ct (total weight)
Start Time: 08/31/2023 7:30:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 09/07/2023 6:45:00 pm (CDT)
Auction Closed
Winning Bid: $185

Item Description

Simply put, Diamonds are ubiquitous, beloved for their beauty, longevity and value. For centuries, Diamonds have been tied to royalty, and did you know that up to the 15th century, diamonds were only worn by kings, because they represented courage, strength and invulnerability. They occur in virtually every color of the rainbow (including black) and are prized for the extreme durability and fire. Here we have a really cool 3-crystal set of sharp, well-formed cubic "floater" crystals of Diamond, all measuring approximately 3 mm, with natural colors (they are not heated or treated in any way). A great set of crystallized Diamonds from the Miba Mine in D. R. Congo. All of the crystals show good internal translucency when backlit. The faces have good luster and the crystals look beautiful under magnification. These are decent sized Diamond crystals that would make a wonderful addition to any collection, or might possibly be a match for a cut stone(s) to create a wonderful rough and cut set ! A classic "floater" crystal set from one of the most prolific Diamond producing nations in the world.

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Bidding History

Bid Amount Bid Time
$185 09/07/2023 11:19:51 am (CDT)
$175 09/07/2023 11:19:51 am (CDT)
$165 09/05/2023 1:09:42 am (CDT)
$155 09/05/2023 1:09:42 am (CDT)
$130 09/04/2023 7:45:37 pm (CDT)
$120 09/04/2023 7:45:37 pm (CDT)
$115 09/04/2023 7:55:42 am (CDT)
$105 09/04/2023 7:55:32 am (CDT)
$100 09/04/2023 7:55:32 am (CDT)
$80 09/04/2023 7:55:23 am (CDT)
$70 09/04/2023 7:55:22 am (CDT)
$60 09/03/2023 1:40:55 am (CDT)
$50 09/03/2023 1:40:55 am (CDT)
$30 09/01/2023 10:48:46 am (CDT)
$25 09/01/2023 10:48:46 am (CDT)
$20 09/01/2023 10:43:34 am (CDT)
$15 09/01/2023 10:43:34 am (CDT)
$10 09/01/2023 10:17:05 am (CDT)