Gem Silica (pair)

Gems, 9.04 ct (total weight) ; 15.80 mm x 8.83 mm & 15.52 mm x 9.59 mm
Start Time: 09/23/2020 9:00:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 09/30/2021 7:00:00 pm (CDT)
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Item Description

Gem Silica is a name often used the gem / lapidary world for transparent to translucent, beautiful green/blue colored Chalcedony which gets its hue from Chrysocolla inclusions. There are several localities in the southwestern United States for this material, but this particular pair of gems comes from northern Mexico. These are some of the best examples of Gem Silicia for their superior gemminess and color. This pair of "Pear Cabochon" cut gems are gorgeous examples with excellent internal gemminess, and that slight "haze" that is typical for the material. The color is a glowing blue with a slight green overtone, and almost reminds one of something more exotic like Phosphophyllite or Grandidierite.

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