Gold in Quartz (rare locality specimen)

Deadhorse Vein, Findley Mine, Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia
8.7 x 6.7 x 1.5 cm
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Item Description

This piece hails from what second major gold rush in the United States, which took place in 1829 in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Georgia. This piece comes with a handwritten label that states it was found in the Deadhorse Vein of the "Findler" (certainly Findley) Mine in Dahlonega, Georgia. With HIGH magnification, you can see tiny metallic spots of Gold on the flat (sawn) face of the piece. The reverse side features massive Quartz with brown iron/limonite coatings in areas. The Gold is certainly small, but I was able to see it under the microscope. If you collect Gold, you know how difficult it is to get your hands on pieces from Georgia, so don't miss out on this one with great provenance from a very specific part of the Findley Mine. For reference, we have photographed the piece with a Canon MP-E 65 mm macro lens to better illustrate the quality.