Rhodochrosite with Smoky Quartz and Bertrandite (ex Dr. William Logan Collection)

Vostochny-Kounrat, Dzezkazgan Oblast, Kazakhstan
6.2 x 5.3 x 4.7 cm
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End Time: 05/16/2019 6:45:00 pm (CDT)
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Item Description

A throwback from the 1990s and very hard to find on the market today, here we have a wonderful, aesthetic association specimen from Kazakhstan. This piece was originally labeled as coming from "Vostochy-Kounrat", but I can't find any listings for any close to this locality in Kazakhstan. It's possible that the piece is from the Kara-Oba deposit, based upon the associations, but it's not certain. If anybody out there has information as to the specific locality for this piece, please let us know. This small cabinet display specimen starts with a base of wonderfully crystallized, sharp, lustrous, richly colored gemmy prismatic Smoky Quartz crystals which play host to attractive, translucent, pinkish-orange colored compressed rhombohedra of Rhodochrosite and rare white bladed Bertrandite. The combination of the three species is ideal as one rarely sees specimens with this combination from any world locality. The largest Rhodo measures 1.1 cm. For all you Rhodo collectors out there, this is the kind of thing that most collectors don't have in their collections, especially in such aesthetic and showy specimens such as this. No real damage on the display side, there is a bit of interrupted growth to some of the Quartz crystals, but if you flip the piece over, you can see that some of them are actually partially recrystallized, making this a near "floater" specimen. DIFFICULT TO PHOTOGRAPH !! BETTER IN PERSON !! Priced in the inventory at $750. From the worldwide Rhodochrosite collection of Dr. William S. Logan (Specimen #X42-8) with a label from a previous dealer.

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