Shigaite (rare Michigan locale!) Nowakowski Coll.

Homer Mine, Menominee iron range, Iron Co., Michigan
5.1 x 3.7 x 2.6 cm
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Item Description

Shigaite is a rare hydrated very complex Mn-Al sulfate. Mineral specimens of any species are very uncommon from this extinct large underground iron mine, that operated from 1914 to 1961. Shigaite specimens are rare. The front of the hematite ore matrix is richly festooned with sharp, lustrous, trigonal hexagonal tabular mustard-brown prisms, to 5 mm. Some of the crystals are nicely translucent, adding character. Choice, very rich and RARE material from the Robert Nowakowski Collection # 82. A must for the species or locality collector. valued $500-1000