Gems, 1.29 ct ; 7.52 mm x 6.87 mm
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Item Description

Tourmalines are some of the most diverse and popular gems out there. This "Trillion" cut gem shows a beautiful saturated green hue throughout. There are a few slight inclusions, but this is par for the course for Tourmaline as the material is classified as a "Type 3" gemstone. This means inclusions are almost always present, and accepted by dealers and collectors. I have to say that these stones are becoming harder and harder to find these days and they are facing competition with so many gem Tourmalines coming out of Africa lately. A great natural unheated Tourmaline gem for your collection. It's important to note that faceted Tourmaline has increased in popularity, and in value as well, as we have seen the price increase nearly every year for the last decade.