A Brief Note on Mineral Specimen Size Abbreviations

Size Definitions

Generic DimensionMaximum Dimension in inchesMaximum Dimension in Centimeters
Thumbnail (TN)1 1/43
Miniature (Min)25.0
Small Cabinet (SCab)3 3/49.4
Cabinet (Cab)> 3 3/4> 9.4

Or for a more "gut feeling" approach...

THUMBNAIL: fits in a 1.25 inch square "Perky box" (invented by Willard Perkins to hold small rocks)

MINIATURE: simply a rock that can be squeezed into a 2-inch square box

CABINET: A hand-sized specimen larger than 4 inches (10 cm ) in a dimension

SMALL CABINET: in between Miniature and Cabinet...you can hold it in your palm

TOENAIL: a new division in Tucson show judging - basically they are just barely too big to squeeze in a tn box


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