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MineralAuctions.com is brought to you by a team of passionate individuals from the team at The Arkenstone, www.iRocks.com

The team has over 130 years of mineral collecting knowledge between us and with the help of Brandy Cleveland who handles our shipping, we have handled over 50,000 minerals and 10,000 gemstones through MineralAuctions.com.

This auction is uniquely designed as a cash-flow/liquidation outlet from its origins. I do not generally buy specimens to auction in hopes of making money on each item, as a normal mineral dealer and a normal mineral auctioneer might, although each auction set usually contains some small percentage of recently and carefully bought items in that hope, I admit. Rather, the primary purpose of these auctions is to LIQUIDATE minerals in quantity from a vast warehouse of accumulated inventory and from large collections we must buy to acquire a few targeted specimens. The auctions therefore mainly consist of minerals I purchase in the course of pursuing my main business specialty of buying and dispersing efficiently large collections of minerals; parcels of minerals bought "as a lot;" and of new finds from foreign countries, where I often must buy more than I could absorb and sell individually. With these buying strategies, there is simply too much material to move or even store practically; and liquidation makes more sense than flat gallery pricing so that I can get what I may out of the pieces, and move on to the next deal with the cash flow. That is why bids start with only a token $10, even on obviously valuable specimens, except for the rare "special auctions" of higher-priced minerals.

In the past, I would have taken some mineral specimens off the top to spend time selling individually at the world's major mineral shows and on our gallery website; and sold wholesale or consigned out the remaining fine mineral specimens to dealers who themselves do more small shows or sell to more customers through ebay. I got to thinking, though...why should dealers get the deal, when using the internet I can pass on the liquidation opportunity directly to my customers? This only works for me in quantity,  and if it is efficient (hence the 2-week shipping cycle to combine auctions) ; and it only works for YOU , the customer , if the quality is good and the selection is vast. It seems to be working well, to mutual benefit, and I thank you for it!


Please email questions about specimens to Rob Lavinsky, rob@irocks.com

Please email questions about billing & shipment to Brandy Cleveland, brandy@mineralauctions.com

Please email questions about gemstones to Brian Kosnar, brian@minclassics.com


If you're looking for a specific fine mineral that you don't see up for auction, check out our retail site at www.iRocks.com.

The Arkenstone has thousands of fine minerals available for sale and specializes in assisting customers curate private mineral collections.