Shipping and Payment Information


Shipment Schedule

We bill and ship mineral auctions every two weeks combining auction wins.


Please email questions about specimens to Rob Lavinsky,

Please email questions about billing & shipment to Brandy Miller-Cleveland,

Please email questions about gemstones to Brian Kosnar,


We prefer credit card or PayPal but accept checks by arrangement.

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Credit card information can be submitted by fax, phone, or be sending split in portions over several emails.

Note: Your credit card information is not stored on our server in an online database to maintain the safety of your information.

DOMESTIC SHIPPING: Shipping within the United States is via INSURED US PRIORITY MAIL unless otherwise specified. We believe this to be in the best interest of all parties, and it is cost effective. I will charge only estimated costs for postage, and no further handling fees. Valuable orders may be sent via registered mail which takes a few extra days, but is worth it for the security and insurance savings, or by FEDEX. OVERSIZED specimens may be charged more, depending on weight. Most shipments run $9 for a small parcel insured for $200, for reference. If you wish to pay extra for FedEx or Express Mail, that is also an option. I have a bulk shipping agreement with FedEx that will reduce costs from $35-60 per parcel to an average of $35 for a small overnight parcel and $15-20 for 3-day trackable parcel, which is very comparable to the rates obtained with US Postal Service.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for orders under $500: This will be via AIRMAIL, unless otherwise requested. Small parcels are estimated at $8, 10, or $12 including separate shipment of labels. We assume responsibility for loss or damage en route, for courier-tracked or registered shipments only, and cannot assume loss responsibility for normal airmail unless those services are paid for. All gold, silver, and valuable gems, as well as packages valued $500 and up, were in the past sent by registered mail which theoretically required signatures upon delivery, at an extra cost of $6-10 : but gave no assurances of delivery or safety and often these took weeks to arrive. We encourage customers to pay the extra few dollars for FEDEX shipment, and will cover any costs over $35 associated with a reasonably sized small (under 1 pound) parcel (which costs me $35-60 to ship).. In other words, the FedEx service is available for all orders, however small, and we will subsidize it to make it as affordable as possible

NOTE: If you live in England or Singapore, I strongly advise the FedEx option as those are the biggest problem countries for shipping delays/theft in our past experience.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for orders over $500: All orders near or over $500 will be sent via FEDEX or EXPRESS MAIL unless specifically requested to the contrary; and we will assume full liability for shipments sent by courier in this recommended manner. Larger parcels I will still pay approximately half the normal calculated cost of a FEDEX shipment, asking you to bear about the same (generally $50-100 for larger parcels). I do not intentionally profit from shipment charges. These packages will be received in 2-4 days in most cases, and clear customs very quickly, with courier service agents on hand to ensure that mineral specimens are not stolen or lost if a package is opened. It is well worth the extra premium for the speed and safety of this service, in my opinion. Think of the FedEx service as cheap shipping insurance on your treasured specimens!

Due to the nature of auctions, returns will be accepted only on items that were, for some reason, not described accurately (and here I bow to customer opinion on that matter). In that case, we will cover the return shipping cost, with apologies. Your bid is an online contract. Please do be sure you want the item before bidding on it.


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