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Consignments from the Kosnar family collections and inventory (with classic minerals, unusual pieces and Bolivian specimens).
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Vauxite with Paravauxite, Metavauxite and Sigloite (rare material) (very good, two-sided specimen)
Siglo XX mine, Llallagua, Bustillo Province, Potosi Department, Bolivia (type locality for four species)
9.5 x 8.8 x 2.1 cm
Wavellite (very unusual color)
Siglo XX mine, Llallagua, Bustillo Province, Potosi Department, Bolivia
4.4 x 3.6 x 2.8 cm
Amethyst (scepters and reverse scepters)
Bombori, Potosi Department, Bolivia
3.7 x 2.8 x 1.1 cm
Viloco mine, Loayza Province, La Paz Department, Bolivia
2.1 x 1.7 x 1.0 cm
Phosphophyllite (rare)
Huayllani mine, Infiernillos mine, Huayllani, Machacamarca District, Saavedra Province, Potosi Department, Bolivia
3.2 x 2.7 x 1.8 cm
Copper pseudomorph after Aragonite
Corocoro District, Pacajes Province, La Paz Department, Bolivia
2.4 x 2.3 x 2.3 cm
Pyromorphite (rare from Bolivia)
Huari-Hauri, Saavedra Province, Potosi Department, Bolivia
8.8 x 4.1 x 3.3 cm
Cerro Huanaquino, Potosi Department, Bolivia
9.8 x 5.7 x 4.3 cm
Rhodochrosite (ex Brian Kosnar Collection)
Sunnyside mine, near Silverton, San Juan County, Colorado
1.0 x 0.9 x 0.7 cm
Sherman mine, Leadville, Lake County, Colorado
2.5 x 1.2 x 1.1 cm
Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang Co., Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province, China
3.3 x 3.0 x 1.8 cm
Dioptase (with gemmy "phantom" crystals)
Kimbedi, Pool Region, Republic of the Congo
2.4 x 2.3 x 1.6 cm
Adamite (rare from China)
Dachang Sn-polymetallic ore field, Nandan Co., Hechi Prefecture, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China
8.8 x 6.3 x 4.1 cm
Opal-AN (Hyalite Opal) (ex Brian Kosnar Collection)
Lesvos Island, Lesvos (Mytilene) Prefecture, Aegean Islands (Sea), Greece
6.2 x 5.2 x 4.7 cm
Microcline (Baveno twin)
Raikoot, Chilas, Diamer District, Northern Areas, Pakistan
8.7 x 5.5 x 4.7 cm
Zagi Mountain (Zegi Mountain), Mulla Ghori, Khyber Agency, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Pakistan
1.7 x 1.2 x 0.4 cm
150' level, Red Cloud mine, Trigo Mountains, La Paz County, Arizona
3.5 x 2.0 x 0.8 cm
Carnelian (ex Richard A. Kosnar Collection)
Stirling Brook, Warren Township, Somerset County, New Jersey
5.8 x 5.4 x 4.2 cm
Schorl Tourmaline (ex Brian Kosnar Collection)
Boulder Batholith, Jefferson County, Montana
2.8 x 2.3 x 1.8 cm
Shizhuyuan Mine, Chenzhou, Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province, China
7.8 x 5.2 x 3.6 cm
Kosnarite (named for Rich Kosnar) (ex Rich Kosnar Collection)
Jenipapo district, Itinga, Taquaral, Minas Gerais, Brazil
6.8 x 4.7 x 3.7 cm
Khargulook, near Sabsir, Gilgit-Skardu Road, Northern Areas, Pakistan
4.0 x 1.2 x 1.1 cm
Fluorite on Sphalerite (ex Brian Kosnar Collection)
Elmwood, Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee
9.2 x 8.1 x 5.3 cm
Andradite (var: "Demantoid") (new find!)
Antetezambato, Ambanja, Madagascar
2.8 x 1.8 x 1.3 cm
Aragonite (blue) (ex Brian Kosnar Collection)
San Giovanni Mine, Punta della Torre, Iglesias, Carbonia-Iglesias Province, Sardinia, Italy
3.8 x 3.4 x 2.6 cm
Prehnite (classic material) (ex Brian Kosnar Collection)
Upper New Street Quarry, Paterson, Passaic Count, New Jersey
5.5 x 3.3 x 2.7 cm
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