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Prehnite (fantastic quality) viewBack to FINE MINERAL COLLECTION and INVENTORY LIQUIDATION AUCTION (set 2 of 2) - FEATURING SPECIMENS FROM THE KAY ROBERTSON COLLECTION - end Thursday January 17th, 2019

Lower New Street, Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey
  • Starting Time:1/10/2019 06:45:00 PM(CST)
  • Ending Time:1/17/2019 06:45:48 PM(CST)
  • Time Left:Auction Is Closed

  • Size:Small Cabinet
  • Size Description:7.1 x 5.3 x 1.4 cm

Description:The Lower New Street Quarry is one of the most famous older localities in the New Jersey trap rocks as it had produced some of the finest Prehnite specimens from the state. Recently, some very exciting, unique and impressive Prehnites were discovered in the area around the old quarry. This piece was collected very recently (Summer of 2011) and is a beautiful and FINE quality example of Prehnite from this well known locale. The appeal of these new specimens is three-fold. First, the individual crystals comprising each "ball" of Prehnite are incredibly distinct, well-formed, eye-catching and large for the locality. Secondly, the amazingly "wet" luster is about as good as Prehnite gets from any world locality, not just New Jersey. Lastly, the Prehnites are so incredibly GEMMY, that one would easily facet some incredible gemstones from them (althought it would be a terrible shame to destory such a beautiful specimen). The bright yellow-green hue combined with the incredible form and superior luster make it a very desirable display specimen. The largest "ball" measures 1.7 cm across. No damage on the display side (save the periphery where it detached from the pocket wall), and really choice for a New Jersey Prehnite. Strangely, these Prehnites seems to have formed a "crust" on a now missing (decomposed?) matrix, making them nearly "floater" specimens. There is only a tiny amount of attached matrix on the back of the piece, but you can see right through to the top quality Prehnite on the other side when backlit.

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