SPECIAL PREMIUM $100 and $250 RESERVE GEMSTONE AUCTION - Ends August 11, 2011

Ends Thursday, August 11th, 2011 at 7:15 PM (Central Time)
Along with the acquisition of the mineral collection of noted dealer and collector, Herb Obodda, we also obtained part of his old dealer stock of superb worldwide gemstones! The diverse mix is exceptional, amassed over 50 years in the trade ; and as a prime exporter from Afghanistan and Pakistan. We have made up a full page (nearly 30 pieces) auction of collector quality stones with $100 reserve bids, plus a few at the front with $250-reserve starting bids. All of the reserve bids are well below retail, and many are below wholesale replacement prices.
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Pollucite (rare)
4.22 ct, 13.14 mm x 8.09 mm
1.92 ct, 9.40 mm x 9.27 mm
Czech Republic
3.28 ct, 10.0 mm
Bound Brook Quarry, New Jersey
1.91 ct, 17.82 mm x 4.66 mm
Tugtupite (very rare)
0.25 ct, 4.1 mm x 4.0 mm
Datolite (rare)
Dal'negorsk, Russia
5.18 ct, 14.3 mm x 11.7 mm
Lapis Lazuli
3.42 ct, 14.0 mm x 10.1 mm
Demantoid (superb color)
Ural Mountains, Russia
0.35 ct, 4.4 mm
Warsak, Near Zagi Mt., Pakistan
4.04 ct, 15.36 mm x 6.05 mm
Oligoclase (rare)
4.08 ct, 13.4 mm x 9.3 mm
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