Gems, 0.06 ct, 2.5 mm
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Item Description

Alexandrite is the color changing variety of Chryosberyl. The very first Alexandrite crystals and gems came from Russia, and are still being mind today. This Alexandrite stone has a "Round" cut with a very distinct and desirable color change. The term "Alexandrite-type" color change is often used when a stone changes from a warmer hue i.e., pink to a cooler hue i.e., green or blue when exposed to different light sources i.e., indoor lighting and sunlight. This color chage is extremely rare and is only exhibited in a few gems around the world. This gem exhibits the classic color change as it changes from a beautiful light purplish-pink to a fantastic pastel bluish-green. I would say the stone does a 95% color change. Top Alexandrite gems from modern localities can retail for several thousand dollars per carat, and the top Russian stones sell for multi thousands of dollars per carat. Brazilian Alexandrites are not as common as they were about 20 years ago on the market, and even though this stone is very slightly included, it is still a desirable gem for any collector.

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