Amethyst on Pyrite & Chalcopyrite (Lockhart Coll.)

Cavnic, Maramures Co., Romania
Cabinet, 10.5 x 9.5 x 6.0 cm
Start Time: 01/30/2010 6:30:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 02/04/2010 6:30:00 pm (CST)
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Item Description

Striking clusters of pretty, pastel-purple, lightly frosted, lustrous and translucent amethyst crystals are very aesthetically scattered on the CABINET matrix plate covered with brilliant, brass-yellow, striated, pyrite pyritohedrons and iridescent, brassy, marcasite crystals. The amethyst crystals reach 5.0 cm - rare for this locality. This is a pristine, classic and beautiful, large combination specimen from the famous mines at Cavnic, Romania. Very little new material is coming from these historic mines. Ex Brent Lockhart Collection and ...comes with a custom-made and engraved lucite base, valued at $125, as a free bonus.

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