Taftan, Chagai District, Balochistan, Pakistan
Miniature, 4.0 x 2.7 x 1.3 cm
Start Time: 11/25/2023 6:45:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 11/30/2023 6:45:00 pm (CST)
Auction Closed
Winning Bid: $93

Item Description

Anatase is a well-known titanium dioxide species, and a dimorph of Brookite and Rutile. Some of the most famous examples of the species are those from Alpine and "Alpine-type" localities around the world. This piece comes from the find circa 2004-2005 from the Balochistan area in Pakistan. They are some of the finest quality specimens of Anatase to be found in the modern era of minerals. This piece features a pair of very sharp, highly lustrous, well formed, tetragonal crystals of Anatase on matrix. The Anatase crystals have a very dark metallic, steel-blue color that can be seen just under the surface when viewed in strong lighting. The largest Anatase crystal measures about 1.1 cm long. A very good quality example of this modern material, and the best pieces are truly on par with the classic specimens from Norway with regard to quality and crystal size.

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$93 11/30/2023 4:26:02 pm (CST)
$89 11/30/2023 4:26:02 pm (CST)
$80 11/30/2023 3:26:03 am (CST)
$70 11/30/2023 3:26:03 am (CST)
$60 11/29/2023 11:36:06 pm (CST)
$50 11/29/2023 5:31:55 pm (CST)
$49 11/29/2023 5:31:55 pm (CST)
$45 11/29/2023 4:02:38 pm (CST)
$40 11/29/2023 4:02:20 pm (CST)
$39 11/29/2023 4:02:20 pm (CST)
$32 11/28/2023 9:01:42 pm (CST)
$27 11/26/2023 2:40:43 am (CST)
$22 * 11/26/2023 2:40:24 am (CST)
$22 * 11/26/2023 2:40:24 am (CST)
$10 11/25/2023 7:22:15 pm (CST)
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