Andradite Garnet (var: Topazolite) (recent find)

Cerro De La Concordia, Piedra Parada, Tatatila Municipality, Veracruz, Mexico
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 8.2 x 5.7 cm
Start Time: 01/04/2024 7:30:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 01/11/2024 6:45:00 pm (CST)
Auction Closed
Winning Bid: $349

Item Description

This piece is from a discovery in 2021. It's a very attractive specimen of the lesser known, but still good quality Andradite Garnets from Cerro De La Concordia near Piedra Parada (the famous Amethyst locality) in Mexico. Typically the specimens from this locality feature smaller crystals, but this one has some of the larger examples I've seen for the material, measuring up to 1.2 cm across. The color of the crystals on this specimen are a greenish-yellow, not green enough to be called Demantoid in my mind, so it's Topazolite. The piece hosts a good number of crystals, most of which are in fine shape, but there are some contacted areas, so the piece is not 100% pristine. The crystals show excellent dodecahedral faces with minor trapezohedral modifications in areas, and with a bit of backlighting, you can see that some of them are even a bit gemmy inside. A good overall specimen for any fan of worldwide Garnets or minerals of Mexico. Priced in the inventory at $1,250.

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Bidding History

Bid Amount Bid Time
$349 01/11/2024 6:41:24 pm (CST)
$339 01/11/2024 6:41:24 pm (CST)
$329 01/11/2024 6:41:12 pm (CST)
$319 01/11/2024 6:41:12 pm (CST)
$309 01/11/2024 6:41:06 pm (CST)
$299 01/11/2024 6:41:06 pm (CST)
$289 01/11/2024 6:41:01 pm (CST)
$279 01/11/2024 6:41:01 pm (CST)
$269 01/11/2024 6:40:52 pm (CST)
$259 01/11/2024 6:40:52 pm (CST)
$249 01/04/2024 7:58:27 pm (CST)