Calcite (GEM twin)

Sokolovskoe Iron Mine, Rudny, Kostanay Region, Kazakhstan
Ex. Rich Kosnar
Small Cabinet, 5.2 x 4.8 x 3.7 cm
Start Time: 08/31/2023 7:30:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 09/07/2023 6:45:00 pm (CDT)
Auction Closed
Winning Bid: $165

Item Description

You can find Calcite from countless world localities, but some places stand out for their impressive crystallized examples. The classic and distinctive specimens from the Sokolovskoe Mine in Kazakhstan are some of the most beautiful and fine quality examples of Calcite found in the last 30+ years. This large miniature / small cabinet specimen features a good sized, gorgeous, satiny, WATER CLEAR, golden-yellow color twinned rhombohedral group of Calcite sitting on a tiny bit of matrix. There is a small "rub" on the front corner, but it is largely damage-free on the front side, with a separation mark on the back where it was removed from the pocket wall. The Calcite twin is completely transparent and it is highlighted by beautiful small modifying faces along the edges of the crystals. Valued at $950.
From the collection of Richard ("Rich") A. Kosnar (1946-2007), the well-known mineral dealer and collector from Colorado. Rich named his company Mineral Classics because of his love of old European classics like this piece.

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Bidding History

Bid Amount Bid Time
$165 09/07/2023 6:16:13 pm (CDT)
$155 09/07/2023 6:16:13 pm (CDT)
$146 09/07/2023 6:16:04 pm (CDT)
$136 09/07/2023 6:16:04 pm (CDT)
$95 09/07/2023 1:21:35 am (CDT)
$85 09/07/2023 1:21:35 am (CDT)
$65 09/06/2023 9:14:56 pm (CDT)
$55 09/02/2023 2:44:48 pm (CDT)
$50 09/02/2023 2:44:48 pm (CDT)
$45 09/02/2023 2:44:42 pm (CDT)
$40 09/02/2023 2:44:42 pm (CDT)
$35 09/02/2023 2:44:36 pm (CDT)
$30 09/02/2023 2:44:36 pm (CDT)
$10 09/01/2023 12:53:39 am (CDT)