Calcite on Calcite

Daye Iron Mine, Daye Co., Huangshi, Hubei, China
Cabinet, 14.0 x 11.0 x 6.0 cm
Start Time: 09/22/2022 7:00:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 09/29/2022 6:30:00 pm (CDT)
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Current Bid: $100
High Bidder: Private Bidder
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Item Description

This is an interesting cabinet matrix specimen of golf ball-like calcites perched on a matrix of more sparkly calcite, that looks a lot like old material from York, Pennsylvania, USA. The calcites are at first rounded in appearance from a distance, but actually well crystalized. High luster and the textures on it are just soooo cool to look at! It is a special style, seldom seen. The central crystal is just over 5 cm, and pristine.

Bidding History

Bidder Bid Amount Bid Time
Private Bidder $100 09/25/2022 9:22:03 am (CDT)
mmcdade $95 09/25/2022 9:22:03 am (CDT)
mmcdade $90 09/25/2022 9:21:47 am (CDT)
Private Bidder $80 09/25/2022 9:21:47 am (CDT)
mmcdade $60 09/22/2022 9:34:02 pm (CDT)
BradMinerals $50 09/22/2022 9:34:02 pm (CDT)
mmcdade $45 09/22/2022 9:33:53 pm (CDT)
BradMinerals $40 09/22/2022 9:33:53 pm (CDT)
mmcdade $35 09/22/2022 8:38:56 pm (CDT)
BradMinerals $30 09/22/2022 8:38:56 pm (CDT)
BradMinerals $15 09/22/2022 7:54:39 pm (CDT)
Private Bidder $10 09/22/2022 7:23:33 pm (CDT)