Doubly terminated Heliodor (2008 Find)

Bin Thuan Province, Vietnam
Miniature, 3.5 x 0.7 x 0.7 cm
Start Time: 04/01/2010 7:00:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 04/08/2010 6:30:00 pm (CDT)
Auction Closed

Item Description

A beautiful, gemmy and lustrous, yellow heliodor beryl crystal from a new find in Vietnam. The parallel-growth, doubly terminated crystal cluster with multiple terminations is very showy. This crystal is from the much less well-known Bin Thuan Province and is a totally gem crystal, with virtually no internal crazing. The terminations look to be broken and healed. One termination has a barely noticeable, trivial bruise. Looks like classic heliodors from Russia or Brazil and won"t cost you nearly as much! Complete all-around and nearly pristine, its a super gem crystal. Weighs 3 grams.

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