Fluorite (color-zoned / color-change crystals)

Koh-i-Maran, Kalat District, Balochistan (Baluchistan), Pakistan
Miniature, 5.0 x 3.7 x 2.3 cm
Start Time: 11/09/2023 6:45:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 11/16/2023 6:45:00 pm (CST)
Auction Closed
Winning Bid: $120

Item Description

This piece dates to a discovery in 2017. Our source overseas was able to secure the entire pocket, which wasn't terribly big, but there were several beautiful examples of these exciting Fluorite specimens. We were told that these attractive and interesting Fluorites were found in Baluchistan, which is probably best known in recent memory for its beautiful fiery "Alpine-type" Brookite specimens. This is certainly not what one would expect from this area, but I have seen a few specimens in the hands of other Pakistani dealers, and they all say they're coming from Baluchistan. This lovely miniature display specimen many sharp, lustrous, translucent and well-formed cubes that range in color from a gorgeous blue color in sunlight to a purple color in indoor lighting. If you backlight the piece, you can see the exterior edges are virtually colorless, making a unique, color-zoned and color-changing specimen with rarely seen colorless areas. Keep in mind that the color in Fluorite is due to impurities / chromophores, so Fluorite without color is considering to be more "pure" chemically. The cubes on this specimen have a beautiful very slightly "stepped" appearance in areas, and the largest crystal measures up to 1.5 cm on edge. Overall, the piece is in good condition, on the front, but contacted on the back where it was removed from the pocket wall. If you're a Fluorite collector, don't miss out on this eye-catching colorful specimen from a fairly obscure locality!

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Bidding History

Bid Amount Bid Time
$120 11/16/2023 6:39:18 pm (CST)
$110 11/14/2023 12:17:55 am (CST)
$100 11/14/2023 12:17:55 am (CST)
$85 11/10/2023 2:47:51 pm (CST)
$75 11/10/2023 2:47:51 pm (CST)
$10 11/09/2023 7:24:57 pm (CST)