Galena (rare locality)

Bytom (Beuthen), Silesian Voivodeship, Poland
Ex. Jack Arbiser
Thumbnail, 2.6 x 2.3 x 1.3 cm
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Item Description

A hard to find specimen from Bytom (formerly Beuthen), Poland, a lead-zinc deposit dating back at least to the early 20th century. This miniature specimen host several, well-formed, cuboctahedral crystals of silvery-grey metallic Galena measuring up to 1.0 cm with minor dark brownish crystal clusters of Sphalerite and a tiny bit of metallic golden Marcasite on matrix. The piece is in good condition, though not completely pristine, but it's the rare locality that makes it desirable and worthwhile for any fan of sulfides or minerals from Europe/Poland.
From the collection of Jack Arbiser, MD,PhD an internationally known dermatologist who specializes in minerals of the Southeast USA and Israel. He obtained his BS and MS in organic chemistry at Emory University. During his masters degree, he introduced Drs Dennis Liotta and Dr Raymond Schinazi, who developed Emtriva, an antiviral cocktail which transformed HIV/AIDS from a death sentence to a chronic disease. He obtained an MD and PhD (genetics) at Harvard Medical School, dermatology residency at Harvard, and Howard Hughes fellowship with Dr Judah Folkman, father of the field of angiogenesis. Dr Arbiser was the first to show how dominant oncogenes stimulate angiogenesis. He returned to Emory, where he became the inaugural Thomas Lawley Professor of Dermatology. He has cofounded Accuitis, a clinical stage company focusing on inflammation and fibrosis, and ABBY with a novel compound for brain tumors.

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