Gold with Wulfenite (RARE locality and association)

Vulture Mine, near Wickenburg, Miracopa Co., Arizona, USA
Ex. Brian Kosnar
Miniature, 3.8 x 2.7 x 2.0 cm
Start Time: 12/07/2023 6:45:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 12/14/2023 6:45:00 pm (CST)
Auction Closed
Winning Bid: $180

Item Description

Here we had a ridiculously rare specimen from the little-known Vulture Mine, an old gold mine, which lies about 12 miles southwest of the town of Wickenburg. This is the first specimen we've ever had to offer, or even seen for that matter, from this mine. The rarity of the locality would be valuable enough in its own right, but what really makes this piece special is that there are micro golden-yellow bladed crystals of WULFENITE on the specimen, making for a highly desirable and remarkably rare association. While neither Gold nor Wulfenite are rare, it's incredibly hard to find the two species together in nature. You can clearly see the Gold on this specimen with the naked eye, and with some magnification, you will spot tiny little "winow pane"-esque crystals of Wulfenite, which are associated with micro nondescript sulfides on/in Quartz cavities (which seem to have formed "casts" after Pyrite) along with dark reddish colored Hematite coatings. Just for reference, there are over 5,000 images of Gold specimens on, where Gold is the primary species, and there are only SIX photos that mention an association of Wulfenite, and NONE of them are from the Vulture Mine. If you collect Gold / native elements, rare associations, or minerals from Arizona do not miss out on this unbelievably rare locality / association specimen.
Ex Brian Kosnar collection.

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Bidding History

Bid Amount Bid Time
$180 12/14/2023 5:51:40 pm (CST)
$170 12/14/2023 5:51:40 pm (CST)
$160 12/14/2023 4:32:42 pm (CST)
$150 12/14/2023 4:32:41 pm (CST)
$131 12/13/2023 7:04:37 am (CST)
$121 12/13/2023 7:04:37 am (CST)
$99 12/12/2023 10:40:51 pm (CST)
$89 12/12/2023 10:40:50 pm (CST)
$87 12/08/2023 1:30:50 pm (CST)
$77 12/08/2023 1:30:49 pm (CST)
$60 12/08/2023 11:10:40 am (CST)
$50 12/08/2023 11:10:39 am (CST)
$43 12/08/2023 3:11:52 am (CST)
$38 12/08/2023 3:11:52 am (CST)
$33 12/08/2023 3:11:40 am (CST)
$28 12/08/2023 3:11:40 am (CST)
$10 12/07/2023 11:26:30 pm (CST)