Hemimorphite on Dolomite (old classic) Whitmore Coll.

Joplin Field, Tri-State District, Jasper Co., Missouri
Small Cabinet, 8.4 x 6.9 x 2.2 cm
Start Time: 05/29/2011 6:30:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 06/02/2011 6:30:00 pm (CDT)
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Item Description

A true, old-time, combination classic from the famed Joplin Field of the Tri-State District. Scintillating, gemmy, iron oxide-tinted hemimorphite crystals totally cover the crust of ivory-colored, saddle-shaped, dolomite crystals. Highly desirable and showy combo material, at least 50 years old, from this historic district. Comes with an older, faded Shortmanns label. Hemimorphite specimens are RARE and desirable from Joplin. Ex Robert Whitmore Collection.

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