Hydroxylherderite (fluorescent) w/ Cleavelandite (rare)

Dara-i-Pech pegmatite field, Chapa Dara District, Konar Province, Afghanistan
3.6 x 2.8 x 2.8 cm
Start Time: 10/18/2018 6:30:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 10/25/2018 6:30:04 pm (CDT)
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Winning Bid: $116

Item Description

Hydroxylherderite, an uncommon Ca-Be phosphate, is usually found as a pegmatite mineral formed during late stage hydrothermal deposition. It is rare from the famous pegmatites of Afghanistan and is very rare from the well-known Pech pegmatite field. The stout, well-formed, very glassy, translucent green prism is wonderfully accented with a cleavelandite "sail" on the top. The high luster on the satin finish prism faces adds character. RARE, excellent and highly desirable hydroxylherderite from Pech. It also has surprising purple translucence.

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grewberyl $116 10/25/2018 6:25:06 pm (CDT)
curtmich $106 10/25/2018 6:25:06 pm (CDT)
grewberyl $65 10/25/2018 12:40:07 am (CDT)
paulcon $60 10/25/2018 12:40:07 am (CDT)
grewberyl $27 10/24/2018 8:48:06 pm (CDT)
eqynvet $22 10/22/2018 12:08:05 pm (CDT)
jeremipf $10 10/21/2018 6:46:17 pm (CDT)