important large twinned Microcline var. Amazonite (Baveno Twin)

Taquaral, Itinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Large Cabinet, 16.7 x 5.7 x 5.5 cm
Start Time: 05/12/2022 7:00:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 05/19/2022 6:35:00 pm (CDT)
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Item Description

LARGE Baveno twins of Amazonite from anywhere are quite uncommon, and therefore are highly sought-after. But, more than that, this is from BRAZIL , where we normally see only damaged crystals and few ever come out complete. This twin is an imposing 16.7 cm tall, with the twinning plane clearly visible on the termination and all the way down the face. It is the rare Baveno twin habit. The rich, blue-green color is excellent, and it is accented by sharp, nicely developed dendritic growths of manganese oxide on the surface - highly unusual and in fact unique in my own experience. This is a gorgeous mineral with overall dramatic geometry, and then subtle details to appreciate on top... So aesthetic but also significant for both species and locality ! Contacted along the bottom, of course, there is also some very small edge wear along the crystal, likely from either the mining or natural tectonic movements. Nonetheless, a twin such as this, with all it has going for it, is a real find. Formerly in the extensive collection of W & A Cook. One of the most highly valued specimens in the collection, and which we also value in the $7500-10k range.