Kunzite (old! - 1950s) Reynolds, Scripps, Larson Coll.

San Pedro Mine, Hiriart Mtn, Pala Mining Dist., San Diego Co., California, USA
Small Cabinet, 7.9 x 2.3 x 1.2 cm
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Item Description

An important and rare old kunzite from the major 1951 find at the less well-known San Pedro Mine on Hiriart Mountain. This sculptural doubly terminated gem has fine light lilac color and waxy lustre striated faces. The terminations are dramatically different, adding much pizzazz. A back face is a cleave, which is common and acceptable for spodumenes. The 1951 find by claim owner Charlie Reynolds recovered 300 pounds of fine gem spodumene. He sold the piece to Josie Scripps. Josie was a prominent California collector and benefactor of minerals. Read about Josie at: https://mineralogicalrecord.com/biographies_labels/scrippsjosephine/. See MINDAT: https://www.mindat.org/loc-21155.html and the 2002 Mineralogical Record issue, Vol. 33, No. 5 for more information on the mine. Ex Bill Larson San Diego County Pegmatite Collection and long on display at his Pala International shop in Fallbrook. Mass is 29 grams. A rare and excellent documented kunzite (with a handwritten note by Bill) from the 1951 find at the San Pedro Mine with a fine provenance. A MUST for the species or locality collector! Value?? These are simply not for sale at any price and we were fortunate to get this old collection of such treasures. When they are gone...they are gone!