Red Spinel (large XL) ex. Ed David Coll.

Mogok, Myanmar
Miniature, 4.6 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm
Start Time: 07/19/2009 7:00:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 07/28/2009 7:00:00 pm (CDT)
Auction Closed

Item Description

A large octohedral crystal of spinel from the famous gem tract of Burma (and I might clarify this is PRE-embargo). Ed David loved big crystals and his collection had many examples of crystals he regarded as large and important, particularly locality gem crystals. This spinel is partially hollow and you can see inside to its core throuhg one narrow tunnel. Sometimes, these start to be replaced by corundum to form pseudomorphs once they begin to go hollow - though I do not see any blue corundum inside so it seems pure spinel still. Burma usually produces smaller crystals - this would be considered a monster for the deposit! ex Ed David Collection, purchased from dealer Cal Graeber in 1998 for $1800 (he had many higher end minerals from this region at the time.)

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