Malachite (carving)

Katanga Copper Crescent, Haut-Katanga, DR Congo
Ex. Rock Currier
Cabinet, 9.7 x 7.7 x 3.4 cm, 372.2 grams
Start Time: 05/09/2024 8:00:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 05/16/2024 6:45:00 pm (CDT)
Auction Closed
Winning Bid: $230

Item Description

The Katanga Copper Crescent in Haut-Katanga, DR Congo is well-known for producing a large quantity of some of the finest Malachite in the world. Not only has this area yielded a great number of specimens, but also plenty of top-notch lapidary grade material, which is often carved / polished. Here we have an attractive soap dish carving of this famous material featuring gorgeous radial / banded patterns of light and dark green colored Malachite, free of matrix. A beautiful piece of this classic material. The piece weighs 372.2 grams.
From the collection of the beloved mineral dealer and collector Rock H. Currier (1940-2015) who was the long-time owner of Jewel Tunnel Imports (named after the large open vugs in basalt in India which were often filled with crystals). Rock travelled the world in search of mineral specimens, and built and impressive collection over his lifetime. He was one of the more colorful and unforgettable figures in the mineral world. You can read more about Rock at the following links: ( ( (

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$230 05/16/2024 6:32:58 pm (CDT)
$220 05/16/2024 6:32:58 pm (CDT)
$166 05/15/2024 11:15:54 am (CDT)
$156 05/15/2024 11:15:54 am (CDT)
$146 05/12/2024 8:41:41 pm (CDT)
$136 05/12/2024 8:41:41 pm (CDT)
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$25 05/11/2024 10:23:06 am (CDT)
$20 05/11/2024 10:23:06 am (CDT)
$10 05/09/2024 9:20:03 pm (CDT)