Besednice Moldavite Occurrences, Besednice, Český Krumlov District, South Bohemian Region, Czech Republic
Toenail, 3.2 x 2.9 x 1.2 cm, 12.11 grams
Start Time: 12/07/2023 6:45:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 12/14/2023 6:45:00 pm (CST)
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Winning Bid: $231

Item Description

Moldavite might be most famous tektite in the world. The material is essentially a green projectile glass that formed due to a meteorite impact in the present-day Nördlinger Ries crater about 15 million years ago.. It has been reported that isotope analysis of different pieces of Moldavites show the presence of a beryllium-10 isotope composition which is similar similar to the composition of Australasian tektites (australites) and Ivory Coast tektites (ivorites), according to a 2007 paper by Serefiddin, Herzog and Koeberl. The name for the material comes from the Moldau (Vltava) River in Bohemia, where the first pieces were discovered. To this day, the vast majority of the Moldavite specimens are found in the Czech Republic, though additional pieces have been found in Austria, Germany and Poland. The material is popular becuase it's not only gem quality, but that captivating green color is rarely seen in tektites. Moldvaite is not often seen in mineral collections, as good pieces are not common on the market, and the majority of the material is turned into faceted stones or jewelry. This piece is an attractive specimen of Moldavite with good color and gemminess, and the classic pseudo-etched exterior. This is unique material, and most collectors don't have one in their collections, so don't pass it up, as they are not nearly as common the market as they once were. Specimen weight is 12.11 grams.

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