Western Australia
Gems, 12.87 ct, 15.11 mm
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End Time: 06/16/2011 7:00:00 pm (CDT)
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Item Description

According to mindat.org, "The term 'Mookaite' is an unofficial, locally coined name for a silicified porcelanite which forms in the weathering profile of a geological formation known as Windalia Radiolarite (WR), a Lower Cretaceous siltstone that outcrops over much of the Carnarvon Basin in Western Australia. Mookaite is variously, and incorrectly, described as chert, opalite, chalcedony or combinations of the three. From a strictly geological perspective however, Mookaite is best defined as a silicified type of WR whose silification is opaline to chalcedonic." For reference, Porcelanite is defined as "a rock, semi-vitrified clay or shale, somewhat resembling jasper, composed of mullite and other high-temperature silicate and oxide minerals". This stone is an attractive "Mookaite" stone with warm golden-yellow, brown and cream colored hues and a "Square Cushion Cabochon" cut. Rare material for sure, and certainly hard to find on the market in my experience.

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