Pink Chalcedony (interesting locality)

Antelope Canyon (Valley) (part of the childhood home of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor), Round Mountain, Greenlee County, Arizona
5.7 x 3.1 x 2.2 cm
Start Time: 10/04/2018 6:45:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 10/11/2018 6:45:00 pm (CDT)
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Winning Bid: $112

Item Description

A rarely seen and very eye-catching piece of lovely baby pink botryoidal Chalcedony that has formed in a semi-spherical / "egg"-shaped specimen. The exterior has what I would call a waxy luster, but is not dull per se. The piece is actually fairly gemmy, and fine quality if considered for lapidary use. The color and form truly draw your attention, as the piece at first glance might remind one of Rose Quartz. Interestingly, the site where these specimens are found is on BLM land that was part of the childhood home of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor - the Lazy B Cattle Ranch - in southeastern Arizona. For those who collect Quartz and its numerous varieties, or for anybody interesting in colorful specimens from the southwestern United States, don't miss out on this one, it's better than most Chalcedony you'll see on the market, especially from the standpoint of color and quality.

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karose1 $112 10/11/2018 6:31:41 pm (CDT)
mjstott $98 10/11/2018 5:38:33 pm (CDT)
karose1 $88 10/11/2018 5:38:33 pm (CDT)
mjstott $57 10/11/2018 8:06:19 am (CDT)
gatewayrock $52 10/11/2018 8:06:19 am (CDT)
mjstott $32 10/11/2018 4:27:35 am (CDT)
tmr $27 10/07/2018 11:11:14 pm (CDT)
dechert $10 10/07/2018 9:21:10 pm (CDT)