Powellite on Apophyllite

Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India
Cabinet, 12.0 x 9.6 x 6.5 cm
Start Time: 03/25/2009 7:15:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 04/02/2009 8:00:00 pm (CDT)
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Item Description

Powellite is the rarest and most desirable mineral from the famed basalts of the Deccan Traps of India. This EXCELLENT and very showy Indian CABINET combination piece features a 3.2 cm wide compound cluster of sharp, striated, lustrous and gemmy, tan, pseudo-octahedral powellite crystals winningly set amidst a 3-dimensional matrix of large, blocky and glassy, colorless fluorapophyllite crystals from recent finds at Jalgaon, India. The powellite cluster is pristine. as for the matrix some scattered periphery edgewear and the cleaved termination on one of the larger apophylllite crystals is barely noticeable and certainly does not impact the overall visual quality of this fine piece. The powellite has EXCELLENT yellowish-white fluorescence. Valued $1500

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