Quartz (''floater'' specimen with growth interruption lines)

Bor Pit, Dalnegorsk B deposit, Dalnegorsk, Dalnegorsk Urban District, Primorsky Krai, Russia
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
Small Cabinet, 8.7 x 6.8 x 2.7 cm
Start Time: 12/28/2023 6:45:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 01/04/2024 6:45:00 pm (CST)
Auction Closed
Winning Bid: $90

Item Description

A great display specimen of these classic distinctive specimen from the Bor Pit at Dalnegorsk featuring a pair of diverging gemmy, colorless prismatic Quartz crystals, free of matrix. The piece is a complete "floater", as it's crystallized all over, but it also shows the thin indentation lines (growth interruptions), which are said to be caused by the fact that Calcite was present on the piece, later dissolved away, forming what are essentially "casts" (epimorphs/perimorphs). What really makes this piece special is that the termination of the main crystal actually shows smooth, well-formed pyramidal faces, which is honestly quite rare in this material, as the terminations are either irregular, or almost "flat"/basal due to their intergrowth with the preexisting Calcite, so when you find a piece like this with a pristine pyramidal termination on one of the crystals, it's a big deal. A fantastic, highly aesthetic and frankly rare (due to the termination of the main Quartz crystal) specimen that would make a fine addition to any Quartz suite or a collection of minerals from Dalnegorsk.
From the collection of Kurt Hefendehl (#635 US), a well-known German collector all over Europe with worldwide contacts to dealers and collectors. He started collecting seriously at the age of 14 and his great and varied worldwide collection reached over 6000 pieces. He was very active mineralogically until shortly before his passing in 2020 at the age of 82. Considering his collection had a large number of pieces, it still had an unusually high standard of quality from most worldwide localities. He particularly specialized in all classics as well as minerals of the Black Forest, where he spent much time collecting. His Black Forest and German subcollections went to his good friend Wolfgang Wendel. We at The Arkenstone have the privilege of offering the remainder of this great worldwide collection over the next two to three years through our various platforms.

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