Santabarbaraite ps. After Vivianite in fossil mollusc (Dr. B. Phillips Coll.)

Kerch peninsula, Crimea peninsula, Crimea, Ukraine
5.8 x 4.8 x 2.8 cm
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Item Description

Santabarbaraite is a rare amorphous replacement of vivianite. Some of the very finest examples of this hydrated iron phosphate come from the famous Kerch Peninsula of the Ukraine. Intergrown sprays of lustrous greenish-brown blades are exposed in the interior of this well-formed fossilized mollusc. The underside of the curved valve is filled with typical ironstone matrix. The deposit is now mined out and quality specimens are hard to come by. Ex Dr. Barratt Phillips Collection. Classic and outstanding combination material, RARE in such a well-formed complete mollusc valve.

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