Scorodite (old classic) Kay Robertson Coll.

Cornwall, England
2.8 x 2.4 x 1.8 cm
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Item Description

Scintillating, translucent, frosted, gray-blue scorodite microcrystals fill a sculptural vug in the quartz-rich gossan matrix of this classic old-time thumbnail from the historic mines of Cornwall. Ex Kay Robertson Collection # 4811 and acquired from Norm Dawson at the 1966 Lochheed Show. Kay is a prominent California collector, who specialized in European classics (see the article in the March-April, 2007 Mineralogical Record and the 50+ page article in the German Magazine "Mineralien-Welt" November-December 2017). Classic Cornwall scorodite, possibly from the famous Wheal Gorland Mine, active from the 1700s or earlier until 1909.