Shattuckite with Malachite ex. Charlie Key coll.

Kaokoveld, Namibia
Small Cabinet, 7.8 x 5.2 x 3.0 cm
Start Time: 02/20/2010 6:45:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 03/04/2010 6:00:00 pm (CST)
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Item Description

This is a very unusual specimen, visually, with a ball of shattuckite atop that looks like it was split in half and painted green with malachite. However, on close inspection, you can see that there are layers here - the shattuckite came first, and then a thin layer of fibrous malachite was deposited atop half the original sphere of shattuckite (itself an unusual form for the species, and a large example!). From the side, you can see how the layers built up, but from head-on, The result is this striking contrast! The matrix underneath is massive quartz, with other veins of shattuckite within. From the Charlie Key Collection, found about 2-3 years ago here in this new expansion of the Kaokoveld mining district. Valued $2000-2500. I have never seen another quite like this, in aspect.

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