Smoky Quartz (Bonisoli Coll.)

Aiguilles Marbrees, Ferret Valley, Aosta Valley, Italy
Small Cabinet, 5.6 x 4.1 x 2.8 cm
Start Time: 06/24/2011 6:30:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 06/30/2011 6:30:00 pm (CDT)
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Item Description

One usually thinks of Switzerland or France for fine Alpine smoky quartz specimens. Here is a definite exception with a striking, very aesthetic cluster from near Monte Bianco. The complete all-around, sharply terminated crystal is water-clear and has fine light smoky color. Most of the termination faces and crystal sides are etched from chlorite, that has since been dissolved away and giving a striking, intensely sparkly appearance. Very interestingly, other faces on the sides and termination are totally untouched by chlorite and etching and are water-clear. Nearly pristine, with only very trivial termination wear. Contacting on one side is noted, but has no damage, per se. In fact, the negative impressions of the contacts viewed from the water-clear faces are striking! Material from this less well-known Italian locality is seldom on the market and this is an excellent example. Ex Bonisoli Collection.

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