Smoky Quartz (gemmy "floater" crystal)

California Blue Mine, Yucca Valley, San Bernardino County, California
9.6 x 5.1 x 3.6 cm
Start Time: 10/04/2018 6:45:00 pm (CDT)
End Time: 10/11/2018 6:45:00 pm (CDT)
Auction Closed
Winning Bid: $130

Item Description

This locality has sporadically produced some very attractive Smoky Quartz specimens along with some nice Aqumarine crystals over the years, but specimens are seldom seen on the market. This piece is a gorgeous, sharp, lustrous, very gemmy, richly colored Smoky Quartz crystal free of matrix. As I look it over, I cannot find a point of attachment, so it's a complete doubly-terminated "floater" specimen! The back of the crystal shows a slight window or "Fenster" overgrowth to give the piece a little extra character. When backlit, a good portion of the crystal is notably transparent, with a beautiful internal color. Lastly, the edges of some of the window faces show a slight hint of blue, which could be from minor inclusions of Aquamarine(?). Great quality, size and crystallization on this one! If you collect Quartz crystals or minerals of California, this is a wonderful example of this elusive material. Valued at $750.

Bidding History

Bidder Bid Amount Bid Time
railgunner $130 10/11/2018 11:35:59 am (CDT)
hjwempe $120 10/10/2018 10:37:43 pm (CDT)
dlue1982 $100 10/10/2018 2:12:57 pm (CDT)
poconnor85 $90 10/10/2018 2:12:57 pm (CDT)
dlue1982 $66 10/09/2018 10:23:25 pm (CDT)
lunareclipse33 $55 10/09/2018 5:51:49 pm (CDT)
dlue1982 $50 10/09/2018 5:51:49 pm (CDT)
lunareclipse33 $36 10/07/2018 10:23:38 pm (CDT)
jeremipf $10 10/07/2018 10:08:51 pm (CDT)