Santander, Spain
Gems, 23.86 ct, 17.60 mm
Start Time: 12/03/2009 6:45:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 12/10/2009 6:45:00 pm (CST)
Auction Closed

Item Description

Some of the best color Sphalerite in the world comes from Spain. I am always amazed at this material, because it is one of the few transparent sulfides in the world. This stone is a very unique piece and will probably end up being a great bargain for one of you lucky bidders. This stone has good dispersion, color, size and cutting. The color of the stone is a mix of rich gold, orange and red hues. There are very slight inclusions, but honestly, it is very hard to obtain totally eye clean stones of this material, especially in a stone this size! The cut on the stone is called a "Quantum Trillion", and it just bounces light in every possible direction when this stone is rotated in the light. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to own a large, beautiful rare collector stone. Even at a lower retail value of $25, this gem would be valued at $596.50, and the $250 starting bid puts it nearly at 60% off the retail price. Enjoy!

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