Spodumene var. Kunzite

Pala Chief Mine, San Diego Co., California
Cabinet, 12.9 x 3.4 x 2.5 cm
Start Time: 01/07/2010 6:30:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 01/19/2010 7:00:00 pm (CST)
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Item Description

Kunzite from the famous Pala Chief has always been the most intense and desired of San Diego kunzite localities (and SD is the type locality in fact, for this variety of spodumene, dating back to around 1900!). This is a large, elongated crystal showing pointed, elongated terminations at each end, though there is a little damage if one looks very closely at the details of the complex crystallization there. It is extremely gemmy and transparent, and although a nice pink in normal lighting, it glows hot pink when lit with light aligned down the c-axis. Such crystals are rare today, generally coming out of old collections. 121 grams

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