Star Sapphire

Sri Lanka
Gems, 16.67 mm x 12.87 mm, 15.78 ct
Start Time: 12/07/2023 7:30:00 pm (CST)
End Time: 12/14/2023 7:00:00 pm (CST)
Auction Closed
Winning Bid: $243

Item Description

Here we have a very good sized, and fine quality Star Sapphire gems from Sri Lanka. The best examples of well-known variety of Sapphire, are certainly among the most valuable "Star" gems in the world. Star gems are cut when the thin, fibrous inclusions found inside certain gems are oriented at the correct angle and polished to properly show off the "legs" of the star. When these inclusions are numerous enough to make the stone translucent or opaque, they allow light to be reflected in such a way that a star floats across the top of the stone with movement. It is an amazing phenomenon that is only seen in a few gems around the world. The actual "legs" of the star in this stone are sharp, with no breaks and good overall consistency, but you need a bright concentrated light to best see them. The stone also exhibits a unique bronze-gold color. An impressive, large Star Sapphire gem from one of the premier localities for the material in the world. Priced at $1,183.50 retail.

From the old inventory of Ray Zajicek, a respected wholesaler and founding member of AGTA and the International Colored Gemstone Association, with decades of experience in the gem and jewelry business.  Ray has won more than a dozen Spectrum & Cutting Edge Awards (TM).

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Bidding History

Bid Amount Bid Time
$243 12/14/2023 6:18:42 pm (CST)
$233 12/14/2023 6:18:42 pm (CST)
$211 12/14/2023 6:18:32 pm (CST)
$201 12/14/2023 6:18:32 pm (CST)
$180 12/14/2023 12:37:37 pm (CST)
$170 12/14/2023 12:13:40 pm (CST)
$160 12/14/2023 10:32:38 am (CST)
$150 12/14/2023 10:32:28 am (CST)
$143 12/14/2023 10:32:28 am (CST)
$133 12/13/2023 10:03:06 pm (CST)
$123 12/13/2023 10:03:06 pm (CST)
$85 12/13/2023 4:24:09 pm (CST)
$75 12/13/2023 2:36:11 am (CST)
$65 12/10/2023 7:56:52 pm (CST)
$55 12/10/2023 7:56:48 pm (CST)
$50 12/10/2023 7:56:48 pm (CST)
$23 12/10/2023 4:10:09 am (CST)
$18 12/10/2023 4:10:09 am (CST)
$10 12/09/2023 12:08:50 am (CST)