Willow Creek Jasper

Willow Creek, Idaho
63.42 ct, 65.66 mm x 22.13 mm
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Item Description

Willow Creek Jasper has been called "The Queen of Jaspers", and remains one of the most beautiful, unique and highly sought after lapidary objects from United States. Jasper is classified as variety of Chalceondy, and it actually gets it's name from Greek meaning "spotted stone". The Willow Creek material is truly not spotted, but rather what is referred to as a "porcelain" Jasper. The best of these pieces are truly breathtaking, and are wonderful examples of art in nature. The material is only mined 15 miles north of Eagle, Idaho on private land. The color range of these gems can span the spectrum from soft pastel cream hues to warm pink shades, plus soft greens and even silvery and golden colors. The patterns seen often resemble soft flowing bands, like wind-blown sand, along with streamer, egg or orb patterns. This is a lovely Willow Creek Jasper featuring a mix of mauve, beige and violaceous color banding with a "Freeform Cabochon" cut. If you collect this material, you know how desirable it is. Don't miss out on the opportunity to buy a piece of what is considered to be some of the finest Jasper extant!

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